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Blasted blistered roots of trees,
limbs askew in knotted knees,
darkling bark of branches grows-
turning back, my fever flows,

Maudlin madness chills my veins,
wretched reek of death remains -
draws me dreaming to this place,
sallow streams and wallowed waste.

Twisted thoughts begin to creep
into woods where willows weep.
Turning twice I light the flame
no one there to bear my shame.

Burning bright, my sacrifice
beacon blazing in the night
warning all who wander here
that God's truth will cost them dear.
December Form Challenge, 2012 :iconkiwi-damnation::iconprojectdfc:

The Diebhidhe is a Gaelic form with features quatrains of 7 syllables a line, alliteration, light rhyming in couplets and a lot of alliteration and cross rhyming
in the 3rd and 4th line of each stanza.

The preview image is by the very talented artist :iconalexiuss: Please view and fave the original here:

Wordsmiths Literature Site: [link]
Artsmith Magazine: [link]
This Disturbing Magic: [link]
Facebook [link]
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December 29, 2012
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