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Autumn Rush

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 7:00 PM
ConflictedMmmmm I’m conflicted
I’ve been thinking so much about gender
and I would be so willing
at this point in my life
to go without shaving
care not for hormones or pronouns
but at this point in my life
I need to audition
and for an audition
I need to shave
brush my hair
and care about if my makeup
~complements~ my natural pigments
for that I need to look as feminine as I can muster
because when you’re auditioning as a female
people tend to want you to *look* female
Mmmmm I’m conflicted
BellsNote how we've never really touched,
how only our elbows grazed each other in the darkened theatre.
No intentions, never;
only accidentals that skewered the phrase.
But darling, if I have ever not craved your chewed down fingernails grazing my cheek,
the memory has been long lost in a time of happier melodies.
Fallen Angel by MademoiselleKatiSt Giles Church by kippa2001Dream Big 2 by Antoshines
New Home, Alone1 - New Fall
It rains, and boasts
of snow behind; the wind kicks
wet feet through the leaves.
I toss and turn, bruise myself on the miserable kernel
of my heart in the sheets. Come home
while I still know my name.
I can't lock the doors for fear
the locks will change and this place we made
will be lost
to the fall.
2 - Late Fall
Hard frost, no word.
If it snows, will we be stranded
Everything on the balcony died.
I brought the pots in, jealous
of the sun on their crumpled faces.
The drive to work is all fog.
The grey fields and I
we have both been cultivated. There is nothing
to do but watch
the winter come.
There will be a spring, and we will be here.
3 - Midwinter
There are lights in the trees.
The sky is back,
bright, far and cold.
I made myself a nest in the piles
of clean laundry and dirty dishes,
lay down to wait for you,
curled up tight around my name.
ubuntuteacher said:
write something true.
I wrote:
I don't know much,
just that
I am
because of you.
Delicate by KlaraDrielleErrant Mind by MadElfTk I should rapLay siege and sew laces to a slow pace to pesos
Santa Anna's Tejanos taxi in on Texian soil to say
that the Alamo has a maximum occupancy
and the entrance fee is taxing on the economy.
It's a slow start to recharge the duracell
so why is it so hard to locate the terrorist cell
when social media isn't an epoxy for proxy;
I'm noxious, so when I don't wake, don't call for me
because ISIS is irate that my iris resists and dilates
with a pupil futile to who'll toodaloo to tattletale
I'll conclude my speech by telling ya'll I'm oh-AK-47
and am done presenting politics for the modern Hessian.
You can all go to hell, I'll have my Alamo and go to Texas.

Greek girl by juhohamCrowned by Black-B-o-xTaking Over by CrystalClear-ArtLost In Nightmare by Fae-Melie-MelusineThe White Witch by Fae-Melie-Melusine
Street Lamp Cricket Below my window
a single note cricket sings
his slow moving symphony. 
Street lamp shadow thoughts cling
to my darkly sleepless pillow.   
© L. L. Kelly 2014 
Ness Forest (painting) by MirellaSantana Who.There comes a time
when the fire under your hand
doesn't hurt anymore,
when you smell the pain
instead of feeling it,
but I am not quite there.
There are far too many questions
and far too much wasted faith;
it's honestly exhausting
and I don't know what to think.
I believed in me
because of who you saw
and now I simply don't know
who you're seeing.
But she's something less
than you used to see
and I don't know what she
might have
dropped along the way.
DARK QUEEN 2 by saritaangel07 Bragi bleedsthe serpent and the succubus are baring polished fang for you.  
I caught the faintest glimmer of greylight
off their ruby-blue metal surfaces.  
I heard the sheathes’ whispering to me again
last night as I dreamed memory.
slow cuts the quickslitter that drives home venom angry and opaque.  
take this phial and drink warm wine tonight
when they come for you, as I do.  
no less breathes a riddle than I.  
no more to dream the clocks’ mockery.
William F. DeVault.  all rights reserved.

OctoberDreamcake slips down the slide
Third eye sees, lips crack
All the buses are blue here
You dreamed of me last night
I watched you from a million
Yellow raincoat dancing
Mother sends her love, I send
All the pumpkins are blue here
I am the daughter of a sailor.There is pure sea water
rushing through my veins
& my vocabulary can be
just as colorful.
how do I begin to tell you
we all have jungles growing
& growling
in our chests?-
Wild, fierce,
by human hands?
I like to pretend
it’s Draco residing
in this chest of mine-
his smoke
clogging my lungs,
choking &
suffocating me.
I have forgotten
how to write
or anything with a shred
of feeling.
I have no space left within myself
for celestial, fire breathing dragons-
because I realize now
when I look in the mirror,
I do not see my father.
Always Beside You by mj-magic That Kills Youi'm stuck at the place
of how do i
do one-better
than an arbitrary best
and how hard do i hit
the triangle
into the round hole
to indicate dinnertime
for dead birds
and soft earth
the ashes will whisper things
like what they once were
and i'm struck
and stuck
this life's beautiful thorns
have taken my eyes
and how hard do i hit
when the bottom
crashes through me
to indicate the ground
that my voltage
fries against
it's not the voltage
but the current
that kills you
and the current
stays current
as the voltage
sorts itself out
into zero
Walk in the Fog by Sisterslaughter165
Immortality desires the mortality by ser1oUntitled by Heavenia An Old AugustI watch you
cutting strawberries
in the amber afternoon,
sun on its midway 
to autumn;
you won't let me help
because secretly
only half of them
make it to the bowl.
I smile back 
at your playful eyes
you know.
It feels like
an old August,
in my stomach
some sort of sadness
some sort of joy.
Last night's thunderstorm
has left the ocean agitated,
Life is nothing
but a vacant place, today
and we shall
let it be,
let the world
wait for us, today.
Cross legged
on my piano bench,
I play for the cat
a winter Debussy
she's happy,
I could tell
she smiles.
Beltane by Ariel87 Banana peels and catsoupsYou will try to sweep your mind
until it´s supernova clean:
the keybard might be going tack-tack-tack
ut at anytime bureuacry may go wrong.
Does the quacker in Channel Whatever
still recommend to sniff coconuts
to cure melancholy and ill handwriting?
-Mother  still can´t breath through her nostrils,
You idly note, as you hand the secretary 
some forms or meh.-
Someone may have mocked
the good old foolish priests
who speeched on and on
about the benefits of cats prepped in soup
and all the old and youngs hags
sanctified the discovery with an AMEN
 that booms through the future,
through their daughters
who boast their Facebook profiles
and still don´t know how to handle a floppy disk,
their sons who fondly bluster
about the riots of Sixty-Something
("Because you wimps wouldn´t have been tough enough
to weather a fist fight with those rooten ones")
yet become louder than a bloody stadium
when a bald girl shows up her pierced visage.
You will focu

she said some bleed more than otherswe sit on the steps of the hurricane
and talk about stealing god
from heaven-kinda like how the wind's
taking the words from our throats.
we should tie a rope 'round
his neck. drag him off that goddamn
throne and make him scrape the skin
from his bones cause he's not used
to kneeling like the rest of us.

i pick at the scabs on our knees,
down to the point where the muscles
peek out to start a conversation.
i wonder if it's god's tears that are
falling down my cheeks-
or if maybe the clouds just got tired
of waiting for the blood on my hands
to be his instead of ours.
Proximitiesit's the angles
of glances,
the adjacency that eyes find
relative to each other
here and there,
and it's where the meeting words touch
and adjust the irises slightly askew:
mouths and pupils like wind and kites
among sunrise and sunset and sundown
and phases of the moon up and down;
it's here
in this primitive planet of air
all cerulean and water vapor puffed
that I,
or perhaps you and I, in my mind,
every day like boats in squalls.
eyes shift at words
and drift and touching and never touching, they
bump, pontoon-like,
never making a scratch
and inertia tows them away,
and away,
until they reach,
so sweetly from the sails,
some prouder wind or word rising
to carry them to,
or at least keep the rest
at bay.
i pray.
i may start going to church,
kneeling in some great house
to remind myself,
to ask some omniscient wonder:
what color jacket did I like
ten years ago?
what optometrist did I trust
so well ten years ago?
what on earth was I thinking
ten years ago?
like bedbugs
doubts em
Der Name Der Rose by Celtica-HarmonyJohan by Kaarmen Violent RenewalHatching ideas
it's dark, too dark
in this dream
shadow man
tells me to grin
and bare all
use only thumbs
he squeals
less apt for calmness
I ride along
in the study of his eyes
his nostrils lift
and transcend
Spring flowers
surround our
lost freedom
my insides
I begin to
as if I were being
tears tower my
indrawn seas
fall onto my lap
we're drowning
into the hungering
I'm caught
by my
to           up.

Steampunk by MoonRoseEternityPast Memories by gertrudisesmeraldinaA Strange Encounter by KurtzanBlowing in the wind by Katarina-Zirine i hear knives in the windsomething in the timbre, tall       heat,
sugar licking palm fronds        fat cats
sweltering sundays.
wash the salt; wash the afterburn    it
            like we planned       you never
say the words        plain, only      
mm if we ever      could we maybe stay
we always tried but couldn't        shake
the open space  we make   the world a-
nother shape     as we stand among the
timbertall       sugar licking palm fronds
                                   til heat escapes.

Witching Hour by debzdezigns-lamb68Elsewhere by Softyrider62Cursed Of The Horseman by maggotsaid666new live paint and video by StefanThompsonBackgrpund for Poison ivy by Kifir
faithful and quietly distanti was given a belly of rocks;
each stone asks, "plant me," so i do.
each spring blesses me with the same stony seeds,
and i thank the god of my childhood
for his faithfulness -
i continue to dig up what i've buried,
but i wonder,
what of the blood from labor-worn fingers
and the sweat
and the lust that i've spilled each season -
where is my return on that?
the god of my adulthood stays silently distant
while i groan along with the pebbles,
"use me?"
and i dig,
and i dig.
"use me,"
the rocks cry and i join them,
begging the dirt for kindness and the heavens
for answers the earth has swallowed and
yet to spit-up.
A sister in LondonAnd the sea went "nope",
it´s not like the pockets were prosperously obese
it´s not like you had seized a life of your own
and it´s not like you were held between her ribs
like one holds a dog under the rain under the umbrella corpse
under the hail of scandalized matrones.
You will never see London
No dictionary hush-hushed you
about how your face softened
planet weigheted less on your spine
when she often asked you 
to sit by her side, rush hour on the public bus,
and you hated your size, 
couldn´t lay your noosed nerves on her shoulder
and sleep like you had never slept in your life
be held like your spine was the happiest cat that ever was.
But she wasn´t your sister.
And then you were no brother:
you never were.
And then she was away,
vast and irreal and impossible
like hearing a Big Ben Postcard
(She´ll be working for a Ministry,
the She-Boss Of The House Said,
You Good For Naught Artist)
The Prime Minster looked flawless,
was all you could
Summer PortraitStraddle the bed corner,
summer resting between
your knobby spine
and thin, cotton tank-top.
Fingers, curled soft
on keys that beg for use
but there are droughts
this summer--
likewise your head
is full of dust.
Crawl the length of the mattress.
Envy the flies,
their twenty-four hour lifespans,
obsessions with fluorescence.
(How can they find such purpose
while you can't?)
You are less a girl,
more a fish in the Mojave;
and close to dead.
we marchwe march;
hailing from cavities filled with determination
and fruitless dreams shaken, not stirred
into our very own resilient rhythm,
comes our transformation from insignificant individuals
to "virtuous, momentous" society.
we march,
thriving with courage and dead chivalry, pike-eyed;
we live in servitude, fortitude for every day
is a new day, a new sun rising,
a virgin horizon to conquer
and put to test the palpable promise of our familial ties
we march
and, as we sizzle in sweltering heat,
we stay busy keeping course,
bearing in mind that our fertile goddesses labor
alongside us, before us, for us;
birthing and binding almost every bit of this terra firma.
we march;
with our deeply dug out raw, ruby nails,
we set forth working from dusk to dawn
with every ounce of ourselves,  
with our invasive trust in our collective working where
not one has ever escaped/gone astray.
we march
along, mound minded as we push forward
till completion of our life cycle, we live each day;
minding no one
Drifting to Sleep by FictionChick

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