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Summer Dreams

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 6:22 PM
Hues of Joy by Tigles1Artistry Easy.We don't need easy.
We will hold the impossible
between the fingers
of our joined hands;
A trial
that would reduce
kings to cold sweats,
And together now,
in the labyrinth
we have both wandered
in screaming solitude,
We will
with a single breath
set free the leaves
on each branch
to dance,
before falling exhausted
beside our shoes.
And in doing so,
we will
cut the dead ends
and the ambiguity
and the pain
will be foreign
instead of familiar.
We will make easy.
Night Light by Children7 white playssnowflakes at night
white owls on branches
cracking in the wind
shhhhhhh snap
who comes this way
cracking in the wind
shhhhhhh who
who comes this way
white owls on branches
shhhhhhhh shhhhhhh
who comes this way
snowflakes at night
cracking in the snow
white owls on branches
snowflakes in the wind
The Wind Whispers by ImaginedMoments
Lost my faith in church.. yetpadres and priests and jesuits
card'nals dressed in red
upon his throne the white pope sits
bishops bow their head
crusades and heretics to burn
inquisitions skewed
faithful men so often spurned
acts of mercy few
and yet I still believe...
jihads car bombs and holy wars
terror 'round the bend
evil imam's behind closed doors
plotting coups again
and yet I still believe...
spent mortar shells leave acrid smells
fighting over dirt
for holy lander's - private hells
feelings always hurt
and yet I still believe...
The blood of billions at her feet
babylon the great
that ancient whore will see defeat
soon she'll take the bait
and yes I still believe!
Queen of a dead red heart by LuneBleu DeathPeople are here
and then they are not.
we brush our teeth,
hold hands,
workout everyday all the while forgetting
that these temporary mechanisms,
these compilations of pleasures and blood,
of bones and bruises,
of vessels and kisses are just hosts
for a party of angels and demons.
I am here to talk about
a boy that I loved.
The one I held in my hands
like a baby as he breathed like
a leaf sunburned by the June sun
and died.
he held on to me,
more than physically,
begging me to understand that we, as human beings
are not bodies with souls,
but we are instead souls
with bodies.
Zombie Queen by mippieArt MountainsI do not call upon mountains to move for me
Alone, I learned to climb them
My whole world collapsed at one time
I faltered until everyone around me became faceless, nameless
And every star in the sky would flicker with the weight I carried
The weight of existence...
But the mountains called with their vivid peaks and open skies
They called
I was strewn with regret and loss
My heart made of nothing but cracked glass
Yet they still called
My steps would move me forward along the softest paths in my dreams
And the sun, oh the sun flared through golden fields
And time stopped when I would awaken
So complete, so aware of my own breath
And still the mountains, they would call
The clean, frigid air would course through me
And I would close my eyes
And all that I could do
Was step forward

Facing the Winds by HetaliasHero The Colouring BookThe years slip by like so many cars on a motorway,
Rudely overtaking unsignaled.
I seem to remember being graceful once;
Strength, self-possession or a trick of the light?
Memories are fluorescent, or else sepia tinted
Like a children's colouring book, garish,
Then faded by time.
More beautiful than realistic-
When has time ever made anything better?
A sketchy character, an old phrase.
True enough, my crayons went wild on that one,
Drew the eyes my favourite shade of purple
But the smile slanted, blurred.
I coloured his mouth pink like a grapefruit;
Soft, sour and sweet.
You think that you know someone,
But all you really know is where they drink,
How they take their coffee,
Their mother's name, if it lasts that long.
The rest is a poor artist's rendering
In freakish hues of crayola.
Lost in the Clouds by Children7 On NietzscheWhen you gaze long
into the abyss,
it feasts on
every question
that never had an answer.
The whispers
soft, quiet,
anxious to be heard.
The darkness
its hunger never sated
for burning, blinding lights:
it gazes also into you.
Escaping by Softyrider62
Notte RottoFiery blue and silent red
One gives, one takes, 'till Pain is dead
'Til Pain is dead, we'll hold this fight
My whispered sun, your broken night
Questions weave into my skull
My left hand empty, right too full
But silent red and fiery blue
Will reach out hands, as friends can do
Tell me something, angel dear
Your deepest dreams, desires, and fears
I'll guide them swift into my own
My pretty blues will take you home
Open doors with broken locks
Weeping as the angel knocks
Morning finds me in my bed
Alone in blue... no trace of red
an apologyI looked, and recognized the sun.
The air seemed lighter than before.
It coaxed the greens to come about,
their wilted hide’ways nevermore
to be. I watched the sky lift up,
as though it loved its world below
again, and wished a better view
of colours blotted not in snow.
I knew that I had asked for this
on each and every greying day
and clutched my trembling frame in hopes
the cold would not bid it away.
I’m here,
but here
I am inside.
I’m sorry that my wants don’t end.
I find I’m kept from all things good
as something in my bones does stop
when coaxed to love or sisterhood
or authenticity of life.
I feel the living in my skin —
it pulses, but I find no beat
to train my steps and movements in.
I cannot find a single start
with which to keep, that holds my heart.
I cannot find a single life
to keep with mine, or play a part,
and nor could I begin this poem
as planned, and it’s gone elsewhere too,
I fear the ending’s still unfound,
and none
Sleepy Summer EveningLate swallows swoop and pipistrelles skitter
To and fro across the house, skimming the eaves.
Against a soft darkening sky streaked with red
Gulls return to the bosom of mother sea.
The smell of grass rises sweet on the damp air.
While daisies quietly close their eyes in sleep
The blackbird sweetly sings a lullaby
And I to bed until his reveille.
Prevail over you by NorbertKocsis The Meaning Of A SighGive a sigh to fill the blanks
Of words unwritten and lyrics
Unspoken. For a sigh is ample
Enough for the most silent
Of compromises.
Give a sigh for tongues
That are tied under pressure
and are afraid of a rapid
Unwanted response.
One will confide in a simple
Sigh. The wind of an exhaled breath
Can be equivalent to a lovely sentiment
Or an annoyed lump stuck in a throat.
Give a sigh when the lights break away from
The dawn and the birds flutter soundless
Outside a window.
Give a sigh when you want to hold
Someone's hand, maybe they'll be kind
enough to look up and grip yours tight.
Give a sigh when a nice day leaves you alone
In robes comfortable with slippers warm.
When there is nothing else to say, heave a sigh.
You'll feel just a bit lighter.

The Lady of Summer twilight. 2012. by Anwaraidd cotton rosesbacktrack your hands
through white cotton roses
floating on stars,
Skies of red hair
flowing endlessly,
Caress ivory silk skin
taste it through the pores on your cheek  
Last day by Richard-Cederfjard WindedOne one thousand
two one thousand
counting lack of breaths
after falling from the tree.
Laying on my back,
I contemplate the ceiling
like I would a murder.

My lungs punished me
as if it were my decision
to hurtle from such a height.
I know it isn't normal
to fear the edge of my bed,
or the light at the bottom
of the door.

I knew I wasn't dying,
but I imagined this was close...
struggling for air,
I must be dying,
or aware I'm one breath closer.

I pulled myself up.
I wish I could move.
There is no scientific word
for getting the wind knocked out of you,
Dysthymia translates to chronic depression.
Generalized anxiety, its given name is sufficient.

but even I understood
naming this monster is inconsequential.
Getting it to leave
is trouble enough.
Just before the morning golden hour by FreeForms
speck on the groundi want nothing more
than to be a speck on the ground,
a piece of a quiet natural place; 
unaltered, unfound.
a simple molecule, a small cord,
a bulb buried deep; part of the earth,
warm with the feeders,
ready to bloom, to grow away.
peaceful like a blanket of sun-kissed sand;
just a single grain, shimmering on a nap of skin
a top a heart throb under covers-
i want to be at the end of a dwindling dandelion,
threading through the tunnels of wind.
never to be caught in the time web, 
fore i would rather be nothing;
the echo of birdsound trickling downstream,
bouncing off cave walls,
debris drifting away on the edge of a wave.
i want to soak into something real-
and dry up with the morning,
full of life still.
[Dea] inspired by Android Jones by Marcusmania Sonnet XXIIBut give me leave to love in silence that
which I cannot possess— and give me such
inspired defiance of the urges at
my breast— and give me strength to never touch
my lips to hers, my soul to her soul— give
me heart and hale to weather every storm
that may unfold: But tell me how to live
without my hand in hers, its honest form—
and tell me how to wake each morn if not
to wake within her arms— and tell me how
I am to carry on, and how I ought
to act and speak and be, around her, now,
and ever: tell me, and I'll on my way
as still and quiet as the passing day.
EasterRemember what you love,
you with sand in your teeth
and the feral burn of hunger
in your eyes.
God sends his regrets.
He made you grasping and slow,
in a late hour
when the wine washed low.
Remember what you love.
Fall to your knees in the toss
and the swell, quell
the appetite of the cold black sea.
Beg blessings for your home
and the salt-sick trees.
Reach what lies near:
the fat-faced child, the sweet-soft lamb;
tether the tantrum, trickle the blood.
Offer psalms to what is holy,
whisper the name of what you love
as it bobs in the bleak mad sea.
You Were Not An Aquarium BoySea-glass became your bones,
brine your blood, and seashells
melded into your skin.
You were not quite an ocean,
when you said "This is your sign to love me."
My body was like a building;
tall, cold, almost unbreakable.
I was metallic and sharp,
towering over your waters.
I remember taking your hand in mine,
conch and coral shells scrubbing
my skyscraper wrists, and laughing
about how one day you would
submerge every last bit of me.
Your lips, riddled with argonauts,
found my cheek and I cringed
at the coarseness.
You asked if they bothered me,
and I finally told you "I
think I love you."

VesselYour heart is a compass.
Broken, perhaps, but I know
It’s always searching for the North Star.
So Captain,
Which way will your beard point tonight?
Enshrouded... by VillenueveScent of Memories by maiarcitaAlice's-Balloon by wdnest2 Against Nature by MikeHenry

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