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Sep 1, 2015
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Aug 31, 2015
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Summer Treasures

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 12:59 PM

Men as of 2012A cushla, my pulse:
If you would have
Remembered integrity,
Whispered radio wisdom
(Crinkling like static and crisp
July drought) -
I would have found myself frightened,
Allergic to blue
Flannel and sweat,
And the goodness of hands
Twice the size of my own
(They were wonderful; too pale
Against his sloe-dark skin),
Last night
As we spun so effortlessly
Inside the dampened, yellow circle
Of a fogging
Carolina streetlamp.
if an objectyou aren't a body sleek
crevices well formed edges
softly nestled shape entangled
limbs and wickets spread across
each other starving for entry
no, you've peeled the outer cover
quickened dry cracks, olive-painted
skin laying aside catching a glint of light
as you wrest yourself from marble, goddess
to think clear of the webbing of a heart
to rush through and through blood pumping
absorbing oceans, swallowing the sky
In The Clouds by MirellaSantana sleeping with monstershalf awake,
slip / slops across
darkness spinning slow--
phantom fingers tracing goose flesh maps
to read ahead tonight;
the chapter won't end
until you:  sick
throat rough and screaming
spiders weaving dream-threads into 
silk sweaters, thick socks, but no warmth found
because nightmares blink idle
where monsters meet you wrapped in thin sheets
and you don't
know what's real
SycophantWhat secrets do you hold
In your closed throat
Old woman?
Can you give me that death-nostalgia,
Silence this cotton mouth poet
By stuffing me thick-full
With your garnet gauze
And more cotton batting?
Your weeping sores do not deter
They are but festooned catacombs
Where I expected to find
The most remarkable jewels;
This a different sort of epiphany
To see these crystalline pieces
Shattered from your whole.
You become agog
Like a gaped-mouth fish
That I should shut
My lush pocket book
But I cannot afford anymore gauze;
May I ask what you bought with the silver?

Life After Death by Litavismindartist it would seem only the ocean knows of heartbreakyou are a loose cannon tied to my bow,
the seas here are too rough
to keep you on deck.
'this has never stopped you before,' you say.
'i am too old for you', i whisper,
when sleep should grasp my eyelids
and numb my body, but i am awake.
ever awake, ever rocking.
i can not sleep.
froth flays my helm, i become weaker
after every storm.
copper mornings, steeped in expectations
and your cheeriness, can never subdue the tides.
The Chemical Ring of Love Once Pierced My TongueLove was once
A ring sunk
Through my tongue;
It was a promise.
One of dedication
In its most beautiful form
Of danger and pain...
That ring,
It once bled me -
My lips were
& Love itself
Rusted away.
But like acetic acid,
Love returned like
Vinegar on my tongue.
Love once rusted
Faded and gave new;
In its most corroded form
Of peace and joy,
It returned.
Love now is
A ring lying
Upon my tongue.
It's a promise,
& Reminder:
A chemical change
Of perspective
To the pure
I call love.
hazel eyes dreamed redcork the sun,
imagine gutter light
washing the street -
the moon eating
a poster on my wall.
dirty songs, shirts hung to dry,
ghosts among the dead.
your hair smells like pages of the Bible.
child sciences, a beaten puppy
reciting weakness - these furious soldiers
waiting for music.
I tore from the flock.
Paris Town Hall by Anantaphoto
Study Dreams_01 by caddmanKey to my Heart - (Simple Manip) by Wesley-SouzaDesert Rose by shiny-shadows-ArtRogue Trader - Quasar the Unstoppable by DanSlider khzThe sound of your lips
against mine is erotic
art unraveling.

La Visione delle Valkyrie by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-ALost soul by Karamissa Innocence (1)crack in the window
fat cat snoring
his fur in my orange juice.
fever in my voice
never leaving bed again
except for cake.
“are clouds made of velvet?”
you asked, and I said, “no,
but your laugh is.”
City of Camorr by boc0Pierrette.. by J-u-d-a-s
Glass Cannon.The inside is the outside
to them and they that choose to see
Masks aplenty in this lane of traffic
we call civilization
Why ride when you can be shipped
in a coffin of your own design?
Rubberneckers watch the flying glass
of every crash
and positively slobber
at the sight of mortality
outside of the bathroom mirror
The porn of this age
is the pain and sorrow of our fellow humans
Unbelievable in scope
Shameful in sheer mass
A certified "Coalition of the Gawking"
And still we are stalking
eyes gaping like goldfish
for the next slip of those
already on tightropes
Feeling out flaws
like light switches on the dark walls
in the damp empty tombs in our heads
Ravanna by Gedogfx VoicesDisjointed doppler from my mind,
swirling vid clips behind eyes seeking
to connect with fatherless sounds long ago;
are any of them mine, or orphaned dreams.
The haunting cacophony of voices I hear
from all directions, like thunder
calling my name; endless rain
touching my soul as it starts to unfold,
seeing no peace
for as long as it needs to be told:
Put out your cigarette.
Get out of the car!
Get down!
Please, get off me.
I can't breathe... I can't breathe...
Hands up!
Don't shoot!
They were so nice to me.
I almost changed my mind.
We forgive him.
The Achedo not stare into my eyes
while my sight retreats to tunnel depth
and internal visions flare and gust
withhold those words
as my ears only grasp and muddle speech
and hear the cry and boom of wave and sky
defer your regard
for this instance is destined to be
one more simple evaporation within a dusty open plain
beseechingly, I beg of you to please, yes, so very much, please
place your soft warm fingers into my upturned curled and cooling blue palm
so I may free a final gasp and devour the ache of humanity
one more time before I go
~ hadasaugh 2015
Purple Love by empellina
Paris painting by nicolasjollyDays Behind by Euselia.:Amethyst:. by SummerDreams89Already Dead Inside by machinedeer True EmulsionOverexposed memories conjure
old photographs - never quite you -
though I search with care
through layers of suspended silver halide,
processing the slightest chance
that an image might develop,
shifting blame to shades of gray
for every misdemeanor.
I wanted to coat glass with you, and plastic film,
even sheer cliffs - rising from a midnight sea,
rosy with all-night sun and fools' gold
strobed from crags of cupric oxide -
any substrate for my colloidal visions
but paper.
Never paper.
I could not bear impermanence
or the inevitable fade.

Ship to Wreck by AmitSadikEther Fae by BrookeGillette Take it, take it all, take all that I haveA crown of hawthorn
Bird-nest haired
Mottled and ruptured
The moon's shadow
Sunken under my gaze
Cliché poems and
Secondhand words
Scratched out by
Hacked nails
Runways on my palms
The devil singing in my
Skeleton house, cover
My ears and scream
With all the silence I
Can muster, all
Jutting angles and
Cracking joints
Vials of neon daydreams
Cluttered up in the shelves
Inside my head, leaking
Biohazard waste
Pockets filled with paper
Cranes, falling to my worn
Soles, a naval fleet sailing
Between the loops of my
Shoelaces, follow them
Down the highway that
Leads to home, to the land
Where the sun never sets
With citrus stars swirling behind
My eyelids
Take it all, start me over again
From scratch, I don't want to be
The lonely one that never
Mingles with the pack, all because
I fell head over heels for the
Wilderness that won't love me back.
FollowWhere angels fear to tread
There are paw prints in the dew
The heavens’ wings are spread
Where old cats contemplate the new
And slow contentment bides
In rooms where dozing hunters purr
(Though heart of fire hides
Within their smooth and silken fur)
The path you’ve walked was always led
By tails held on high
Now follow twilight into bed
To dream their lullaby.
The Lights Are On (But No One's Home)In the house of stone and light
her body weighted into the earth
the candles flickered
as if their orange tongues
could lick life back into her cheeks -
they could not.
The house held her in its chest
and let the rain whisper its hymns to her,
she slept on.
She slept on and on,
on a bed of withered red roses
in the house of stone and light.

Jane Eyre by Alene How the Wind Worksi sometimes forget
how the wind works
in a place like this,
how all but the consequence
of its movement
and mood, pass
so invisibly, by us
i forget the subtleties
of how a bird can cling to a reed
and bob furiously
stick puppet mad
by barely adjusting
to the wave rhythmic whisper
of a headwind song
i forget how a bird, outstretched
can lift, hang
and disappear into
the blind orange hole above us
just as invisibly as we fade
into our remembered morning
asphalt greys
and i forget
how a wind like this
can fold a man into a bird,
how its bend whistles through reeds
sings for those who remember
a time before us
a time before we
broke our birds into memory
Guard Tower Office by celedkaBirds of a Feather by Phatpuppyart-Studios Fukushima FlowersYou think of Salvador Dali
and melting clocks,
chronology broken
and mirrored versions
stuck in themselves.
Forms blurred under
the origin of life,
car crash nature,
a star bursting
into petals.
An exploding reaction
taking lost millennia.
You think of broken nuclei
stuck in meiosis.

GlimpsesLeave your shoes off on summer mornings
for walks around the temple, broad stones
cooling under your feet in the cross
from light to shadow.
At mealtime, choose the Silent table,
eyes averted from the celebrity musician
and his amusing anecdotes.
Hours from now a sparrow will fall
from the gilded rooftop, its heart stilled
on stones grown cold with evening.
Metaphor expands its reach
along a razor of awareness.
Bob by FlobelebelebobeleCivilization Gone by Softyrider62Thorny Lunch by WakefieldDesignsVoice From The Above by fhelalr
I Love the Music by LaercioMessiasSummer Rayn 156304 by FrancoisDeWynterNature's Way (Detail) by nine9nine9Dandelion Plasma - exclusive stock by somadjinnShe'll Put a Spell on You by WakefieldDesigns

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Honored to be added to your watch my friend. Good times.
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