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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 2, 2014, 8:28 AM
The Reflection by Chiichiichan94 Coin FlipSam wasn't sure
About this job offer
A one-person ticket
Halfway across the world
To a corporate dream
Of on-time rent and three meals a day
Sam wasn't sure
About Alex anymore
They met in college
Sharing spirited debate
In class by day
And halcyon nights of cold pizza and hot sex
Sam wasn't sure
About the future
Gambling the present
Five years familiar
For uncertain changes
Promises of wonder, or harbingers of disaster
:thumb496539602: Never Forget HerRemember to invite your Mother
For the Mother of all is queen to green Father
Who hunts down the moon of Summer
Now cloaked in clouds grey coat, comer
Of bright white snowy days or other
Days we thought thoughts of loves colour
In weathers drab or gay that recall,
Recalling Mays dance we romanced ever
In the arms of trees and green grass sprawl,
Sprawling blissful moments never banal
Never a place too dull for passions breath
To catch us unaware of dusks embraced thrall,
Enthralled beyond loci, beyond death,
Dying embers remain in Hades depths.
Sumatran Tiger by 8TwilightAngel8
Tale of the night. by fly10treetops by ShadoiskOur Storm Will Never End by fhelalrCoffee and Romance by themezicalsomeoneSky in Your Eyes by Drusila333
Angelic by Katarina-ZirineLeaking Light by Len1Blue demon by barbelith2000adNosferatu by BattlePeachCorrupt by machinedeer
Ground Control by Coferosa Dragons do not fly, the ground falls awayListen to the sound of blood in your veins.
The pain of life, accumulated scar tissues
and issues with memory and dreams.
The currency of hope.  Of pain.  Of pleasure
that we measure in teaspoon of numbing,
the dumbing of our voices to the choices
that will be made for us if we do not speak out.
Speak up.  Cup our hands and drink deeply
like the mighty men of Gideon.  Ready to fight,
whatever the battlefield, whatever the odds,
whatever the gods the pagan parade and serenade
with the screams of the sacrificial lambs.
I bring no balm, no curative salve or oil
to anoint your warm flesh.  I am a distraction
from the pain, bringing my own complexities
and vexities,  for the moments you grant me.
Fantasies of distant lands and the hands of strangers
that never clench to strike, the peace of release
as the blood drains out to shift red heat
to an acceptable warmth in the interlude
between rude ruttings, an education
in a provisional, positional geometry
of shift
UndefeatedI am neither branded
Nor burned
Nor weighted
Or fallen
I breathe lightness
And feel rainbows that fall along my face
And skin through stained glass windows
I can feel the quiet stillness in everything
Seeing what others may
But do not grasp fully
There are those that burn
That feel
There is pain
And loss
Darkness may unfold
Surrounded and weighted
Yet you may find that the only way to conquer it
Is to refuse to be defeated
We are only here for a moment...make it mean something.
Ellen by GedogfxTrapped in this World by pompafunebris
Charon sent me backI must give back the coins to the dead
And remove the round buttons
From my eyelids instead
Charon couldn't be fooled
The pulse of poetry that gleamed frail, sickly blue
Gave away the hope nested in my skin
Traveling like a cursed specter
It sent ghastly screams with a vibration
I at first pretended not to understand
The uproar swelled the will of my fingers first
Any pen, paper and words were good to start with
They redesigned the way blood should flow in my veins
Mirrors were built and stairs so that I might
Climb upwards from the tower within my head
Always keeping watch of who I am to become
Vestal to Writing, whore to my own rites
Fear and Greed by xeena-dragonkizz Once Upon A TimeHell has windows
They look out on peaceful vistas
Where granddads won the war
And live a robust life
Where school has kids in playgrounds
And the books are 1960s-era
Ten pound Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovich
And Old Glory is still sung at dawn
Where Paradise City blares from a radio
Hung on a nail at the local 76 station
The cashier might be wearing grease-stained coveralls
Smoking an unfiltered Camel
The bars are still the shotgun variety
Stumbling dark then your eyes accustom
To the ranks of shining bottles
And townies talking shop
The county fairs hearken to yesteryear
With steam engines running the ferris wheel
The local dealerships bring out their best:
IH, Allis-Chalmers, Steiger, Deere, and Ford
Their immensity dazzling a young boy's eyes
Where the barbers still wear slickbacked hair
Listening to Paul Harvey
The room is scented of Aqua Velva, Vitalis, and Old Spice
With notes of Borkum Riff or Carter Hall
The customers are usually farmers and veterans
Of Normandy, Sicily, and t
Church by IvanVladikUntitled by lisans
The school Prom The school prom, a spectacle of colour,
Froth, finery, silks and tuxedos.
Meanwhile, the wistful waif from the sweatshop
Pressed her ghostly nose against the glass,
Looking in to see the undreamed happiness
She had enabled on six pence a day.
Holy Reverence by crimsonvermillionButterfly Angst 88 by CheleBellesLair Every Streeti. Spring
Her laugh
like wind chimes -
spring day.
A spray of citrus
brings a smile
to my face.
One pink rose
a room’s memories.
sweet dragonfly
from the dancing stream.
The flower
it whispers
Brush of throat
cords rumble
Sitting proudly
soft linen.
flower petals.
She won’t answer
to butterflies.
ii. Summer
Scorching sand -
between my toes.
Harsh sun
making flowers
A little girl
sugar melting
on her face.
A single tulip
in my presence.
iii. Autumn
Cold autumn day -
falling victim
to spiders.
corners of
empty shadow.
Wide eyes
questioning -
deep green.
Tears in rain
make me wish
for sunlight.
Come to me, petals
on smooth wings
of satin.
Broken leaves
every street.
iv. Winter
Winter night -
everything sheltered
in candlelight.
A letter -
in the twilight.
Bright red nails
harsh against
the snow.
snow falling -
Her tongue darts
to lick a snowflake

Purple ketaminesThe wrinkled hands were everywhere.
I can’t save myself
When I have to lie to those hands –to tell them they are alive.
I’m not saving them.
All I do is to condemn them
For another week.
Spontaneous combustion.
That’s me.
And behind the prairie fire
All needs and lusts
On the sacramental inside
All violations and the desert djinni
Telling me to run faster.
The Olympian project: Goddesses (total fr/en)I Hécate
Vêtue d’ombres fines
comment pourrait-elle cacher
longtemps sa clarté
Dressed in shadows sheer
how could she be hiding her
luster for so long
II Artémis
Le sable d’or fin
cherche la bénédiction
de vos pas perdus
The sands of fine gold
seek the benediction of
your absent footsteps
III Hestia
Dame de lumière
les arches bleues de l’éther
sont vides sans vous
Lady of the light
the blue arches of my sky
are void without you
IV Aphrodite
Glissant doucement
la soie sur sa peau dorée
raisins blonds sucrés
Gracefully gliding
this silk on her gilded skin
heavenly white grapes

V Héra

Couronne de neige
bijoux colorés qui sonnent
colère divine
Crowned by noble snow
colorful jewels that chime
thy fury divine
VI Perséphone
Quelques fl
From GraceYou fall so fast;
A comet on its way
to impact.
As you descend,
I have to wonder if
I ever really knew
it is perhaps a bit mysticalin the breadth of our universe
the 'creative process' is continuous -
and always shall be
in its chaotic and random way
wafting toward perfect symmetry
haphazard - but
within Nonzero Sum Law
evolving forever - however
to arrive - never
[at very least, not in some proven 'ever']
"everything that Can happen Will happen"
in a cosmos thus non-directed:
 things which aid continuance - will persist
 things which do not - will cease
[wins are redoubled - losses are cut]
the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior was correct when he quoted:
"the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice".
evolution 'Is - and Must Be'
because ultimately
eon after eon
basically and consistently
its ways and laws are successful -
with 14 billion years
of background particulate semi-awareness
connecting it all
and... connecting us humans
[in relative temporal terms]
'newly' consciously aware
the mathematical equations of reality are consistent
and within confines of this universe
OrganPadded bench of blue and wooden frame
An organ's reverberating sound
Vibrating in my ears
Sound of crying or fussing children to the side
Solemn voices sing
Of praises to our God
Then and only then
Do the sounds of the children fall silent
As each of them
Lend an ear to listen

Frost, Jack Frost. by CROvalentinaWinter Queen... by VillenueveMalaga Cathedral again by JuanChaves A Measure of ReprieveIn this, the only world I've chanced to know,
My mind still lends to hope and trifle things,
As if ideas alone might duly bring
A measure of reprieve. Alas, none sows
A rose to pluck, none offers beauty’s cure;
For all my hopes, I mark no signs of change -
No tracts of stone do aught except remain,
And I am tasked, then, merely to endure -
And I endure. Wherever hope may stand,
It stands alone – I tread the wake of ghosts –
Amongst their fold, all shed the earth’s soft hold,
Our steps bereft of cheer or calloused hand -
In silence bound, ere smallest notes remind
What deep-set dreams we keep, lest others pry.
Haiku Winter 12Hungry birds gather
Where haws like villains hang
Fowl weather

We Don't Talk About CollegeIn my dream
during the intermission of a movie premier
a woman handed me a card from my dad
on the inside “Happy Birthday” was crossed out
and instead it said
"You’ll never make it at Marymount
You don’t even have what it takes to audition"
and I was really angry
and the best friend in my dream
calmed me down by distracting me
and my fictional helper showed up too
since she knew the card was based on real life
but today in my not dream
I had planned on telling my dad
about being accepted and all that jazz
but now I’m not even sure
because I know the contents of that card in the dream
wouldn’t be out of character for him to say or think
a d v e n t by creativemikeyShe who Hunts ur Dreams by BrennsArtAttic Silent SpacesBeneath a double moon
misting over with clouds
waves wash a mourning
over jagged rock silhouettes.
Space sits idle--
stars lost, no lights to follow home,
wind-bent palm trees
leaving signatures
instead of reading them.
Birds shape strong feathers
through silent breezes,
beaks empty--songs forgotten.
The planet lives and sleeps silently;
on a beach abandoned, littered with shells,
a lonely glass jar smears the ink
down an unread note
with sweating tears.
Traveler by crimsonvermillion
The Children of the Woods by juhohamPath to nowhere by Softyrider62Gift for a friend by LotharZhouWinter Flower by mashamaklautSummer landscape by pin100
Butterfly Effect by EithenThe Flowers Fairy by BrookeGilletteBetrayal by pompafunebris Ad(vices).tired
but well-spoken
(why shave for the broken)
and wholly unprofessional
with a full voice
and empty words
and a box
of gas station
donut holes
and weak coffee
gritty with grinds
sleeping fitful at the bottom
of paper cups
but who is easier
to inspire
than those who feel lost
and so cling to advice and vices?
the only "support"
you'll find
in this church basement
is the chair
holding your ass
off the ground.
Coming Home For Christmas by elyio
To My Mother, On Her (Still) 29thMy mother sleeps
in the middle of her bed.
She wakes,
unraveling herself from warmth.
Cloaked feet finding her way to slippers,
slippers finding her way to the bathroom.
I'll be the first to admit that it pisses me off
when her steps wake me
lengths of time before my alarm,
but she'd be the first to admit
that it pisses her off
when I ask her continuously
how to stop feeling.
Her blender resonates in my ear drums,
like opera echoed in a cave.
She shuffles to an eleven hour work day,
driving to school
young boys with body odor
and explicit language,
followed by tiny children obsessed
with Disney's Frozen,
She returns home,
frustration sewn in her eyebrows,
agitation in her vocals,
but she cracks a smile
when I, too,
recite Frozen.
She battles her mirror,
rejoices in pounds lost,
then tells me I needn't worry
about being "pretty".
She doesn't hear me
when I tell her that she
doesn't either.
She is big
and beautiful
with an intuitive mind;
eyes matching a youthful pool
forestry do
Rosary by mj-magic Beauty of Melancholythere is beauty
to be found
in melancholy
when it's shared
on a rainy night
with our voices
hushed to whispers.
young Green Peacock by AlsaresNoLynxAdventures of purple octopus by Fiery-Fire
The Cook by burningmonkProtea cynaroides by KlaraDrielle Plug in BabyHe watches the monitor rise
and dip. Monotome beeps
remind him he has something
to hope for.
Tubes run in and out of her,
and he never recalled her
skin being so clammy.
His silent pleas are
unanswered, and the
chill of her hand remains
Her skin stretches
around wires and bolts,
seemingly becoming one
as the world outside
moves along.
The days stretch and linger.
Quiet snow
contemplates you,
through the evening.
Mute constellations
choose their little deaths.
Microscopic trajectory
through chilled atmos.
"God, shed Your Grace on me."
Somehow innumerable,
days like keys
on your strong, silver ring.
You lock the door:
today and yesterday, too.
Tomorrow: twice.
The frozen brass:
push/pull; pull and twist.
You lock the frosted brass,
the deadbolt,
your door.
Leaving, returning;
The nest of keys on your chain,
resting cold in dark pockets.
The days descend,
somehow innumerable.
I remember days of you,
Days and days;
And a few cold nights
Now melt, forgotten.
Your face turns from my eyes.
You were always a bad Christian.
I haven’t even touched you, yet.
You offer me another cheek.
There are years of winters,
Seas of Decembers--
Restless-- rocking behind your eyes.
Your smile is pure white.
I reach out now.
It is your turn to freeze--
Turn statue at my warm advance,
Your young blood like snow on ston

arise thereforethis silence is the hardest thing to hold
like a chalice, bloodied newborn,
brushwood nest of pterodactyl bones
scattered across the rocks.
    a lifelong roadtrip and you remark
how every coast is washed out fossils
and the brightness in the distance, unnecessarily blue.
this silence is the hardest thing to hold
above the fire
  so you bend and pick up the unkempt branches.
life is a responsibility you were built for:
          a hard shine in the eyes
                          unlike the slacking sea.
The White Tower by maiarcita Six past middayApparently
I left my arm
in the bus
I just went down
obese city
traffic arrest
encorpsed avenues
clooged driveways
buses just stumble and slip
touretting brakes
hands up in the celing
hands up in the bars
my foot inside someone´s knees
your crotch melding with some lady´s neck
excuse me other says
 excuse not we all say
no space, no time
all science has been crunched
was crunched
will be crunched
-yes, all time and syntax
has been compressed
inside the impossible doors-
Echurlin by ZhraydeKing of the house by Thepieholephotograph

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