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Beauty is Everywhere

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 8:52 PM
Wrecked by RyanVoss MultiplicityI am not left
nor right,
not centred,
but bent
to keep changing.
I am a landscape,
inviting you to get lost
in the details.
The thousand lives that carve my surface –
Can you feel them?
Can you see
the lingering lilac
is not my deepest colour?
Can you find
my innermost core
and grasp it
as just one
of many?
Night and Day by Ellyevans679Saracen Bay Sunrise by cwaddell The Sky's Just As Beautiful for Peasants.It came to me then,
In a moment of bliss
The sky's just as beautiful for peasants
As it is for the prince.
And love evades the royalty
Who married for privilege.
He weeps for the woman
He watched on the dusty streets
Her golden eyes contrasting
With her worn and tired feet.
And all the riches in the world
Cannot buy a good friend,
Or true happiness,
Or a fairytale end.
So I'm inclined to believe
That it's a beautiful thing
That the true riches of the world
Rest an arm's length out of reach.
So the dainty fingers of a pauper
Or a bohemian's gloved hand,
Can each reach out
To close around
Destinies they couldn't ever have planned.

Ocelot - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts The Positive Pilatos(Who does not help)
Indeed, good sir,
we must hush, hush,
and buzz very, VERY quietly,
we must not flutter, or worse,
swarm wildly around,
like a raging typhooned hive,
our neutral, so indifferently,
so ARROGANTLY IGONRANT OF THE SIDES! (the shoutsman prosecutes)
(No, the contract forbides us from pointing out
the feeble the ajar the falling-tumbling down
we saw a mile coming away from the atrium.
IN THE NAME OF GOD (but they respect the bibleless ones, they say)
Yup, time to wither away your days, your holidays
your monthly bills (ah no, these aren´t yours
"Humhum, young man, the national situation,
humhum, is hum, complicated you know,
we might call you later, hum")
And the demotivational speaker
WHY OH WHY (a game, but not a game really, he insists)
Game should be played incompletely,
and consequences (IN REAL LIFE)
Golden Light by mj-magic Agent Orange Perfumesometimes when I'm getting ready
to jump off of a bridge
and into an ocean of concrete
worries and obligations,
I swear I can catch a whiff of
your perfume and it sets my throat on fire
and I let it. I have a tendency of ruining
things with my tongue,
so I just let it burn down the words,
disintegrate the bridges.
I'm better off choking
on the smoke of the syllables anyway.
Lacrimosa by mimikascraftroom
Elemental, updated
He has decided that he will shoot her beneath the rain forest canopy. His model is of course too precious to expose to unnecessary hazards, yet she must become what his imagination decrees.
He seeks a pose that will suggest that she must be elemental. She's unclothed, posed in the centre of  his composition. And juxtaposed beside a towering goliath of a tree. But she is without identity. He views her from behind, her buttocks and thigh conveying the solidity of muscle.
He is already  hinting. Imagining an alternative reality that surrounds her  Could she be from of an elusive tribe, forest phantoms who glide through the dense foliage. A savage women, he thinks, used to being taken from behind.
The tree dreams deeply;
she seeks a static moment
for his lens to grasp.
Crash in Time by frenchfoxDandelions by Mysterykids He is Brave He is SnakeFor Dakota
In Dakota’s house the rent was due towards the end of each month, or would be had his family been paying it. Sitting in the dark wasn’t a common occurrence, but the landlord’s threats were. I had only heard half of the phone conversation. “I think he’s sending a message to his tenants. Shame.”
Now 2013 wasn’t a rough winter but it was still a Chicago winter; clouds bunched up as they approached Lake Michigan and dumped their precipitation before heading for eastern seaboard. I’d carry the burden of the weather and epilepsy in the form of a headache and take excessive ibuprofen and wouldn’t call to tell anybody if I was struggling with the medication.
Dakota’s family received the eviction notice early December. There was no phone conversation. But there was word of mouth and instant messengers that are not-so-instant when the my little pony express messengers are offline. Eviction day approached; the neighbors
Moscow Sparrow by inObrAS
Beautiful winter by irinama Descentfirst noticed is the
an invasion of his ears
unfamiliar voices
as in an auditorium
a horde
viewing the vivisection of
his identity
slicing away at
all that he is
so brittle
body shattering into
thousands of cells
scattering to the winds
missing pieces
spells cast by the wicked
from antiquated books
anyone could acquire
all bear a curse
that cannot be denied
may be the cause of it
if it is not admitted
cannot be a figment
creeping shadows watching
assassins hiding
sharp-taloned digits
tortuous clutches
rending the friable curtain
separating rational thought
from the other side
devoid of light and trust
ragged gashes gape
infinite gulf beckons hideously
an irresistible pull
undeniable control
scraping off clinging lucidity
crushing, smothering
lo, a brush against the hand
a thin filament
flimsy as spider silk
tenacious as a spider’s web
to this he clings
tenuous grasp on
DQD nude 2014 074 by duongquocdinh Even Spaces, Uneven EventsIn this life-deserted greenfield,
Even spaces divide uneven events.
They're marked away in the distance,
Below the weight of whitish landmarks,
And wavering silhouettes of peace.
They're all the same.
But there you stand between even spaces,
Contemplating the weight of my whitish landmark,
Weighting your own life on it,
As it swings in the balance of one uneven event.
This is not the first year, nor the second,
And your tears keep falling like winter does it,
Every year on the same godforsaken days,
While the rest of the seasons swiftly go by.
They're all the same.
But there you stand:
Your tears facing gravity,
Soaking dirt at your feet,
Though my bones have long decayed.
And my voice long sprayed away with the wind,
To a place where only memories belong:
Move on now,
Move on.
Even mortal remains disappear.
Je ne regrette rien by NB-PhotoArt
Mirror Mirror by ZoombieMii Feathered PageI once was open
I closed up before the stars came out
I wished it twice
Never came true even if I would shout
I died with no one
The living lovers stayed for nothing
I climbed no mountain
The clouds fell without moving
I pained for art
Van Gogh escaped through my heart
You're not recognized
We could never interpret that part
I laid for grass
Don't bury me without a cage
Don't leave me hung
Turned softly as a feathered page
Angelarium: hope by Indiron i gathered my thoughts, about this land and the planet
it belongs to. Did you know Earth floats
in the cell of a Giant? Behind His great
blue eye, conceived in the seizures
He had as a child but His father
said He was a universe: every nuclei
a galaxy separate, and inside us
flit infinitely more, thriving and dead,
so microscopic to seem fantastic,
a thought once told me he sold silk
in the marble city Arri. He owned a cart
blessed by a mystic whose name was
taken from a page in a book I held
before I knew the letters,
his family lived in a stone house
with open windows, bread on the table,
Goddesses on the wall, summer lasts
an eternity in the pit of my stomach,
they thrived on my digestion;
i want but don't know how
to say this.
Another day the sky turned glass
above the Giant's head and He thought
He saw a woman dance on His face,
I balanced with one skinny foot
on the round tip of His nose,
but His eyes fluttered open:
black space, billions of stars, and He asked
if I was His creation;
Sedona Arizona by mng182
Our Wayward Starsguide the specimen
through the maze
and through the rain
rinsing our clothes
like they're still on fire
and somewhere, well
they probably are
and you pray
like tomorrow itself
is the fuel
that empties our dark places
like what lives there
goes away at dawn
but it doesn't
and i pray
like tonight itself
is the dark
that fuels our light
like what lives in each
feeds the ugly other
and it might
but, we're all prey
and the dream itself
is the place where
our chemical flames
hit the surface
flailing as we sink
in panicked clothes
from a distance
we must look like
wayward stars
lost, accepting the
drowning slow burn
of our descent
we look like what we are
Grumpy by Misgaeroten Books.We check the backs
of good books
for epilogues
Running a cautious finger
down their spines
expecting goosebumps to bloom
from those paper mausoleums
that hold lives and deaths
that happen
in our heads.
We slide them back between
two others,
cuddled close
in a particleboard purgatory.
And with less frequency,
we revisit those living things
trapped in
And write another
and another-
Songbird by magical-badger MultiplicityI am not left
nor right,
not centred,
but bent
to keep changing.
I am a landscape,
inviting you to get lost
in the details.
The thousand lives that carve my surface –
Can you feel them?
Can you see
the lingering lilac
is not my deepest colour?
Can you find
my innermost core
and grasp it
as just one
of many?

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